About The Rogue Stage


What is it? The Rogue Stage is a nomad listening theater and a concert hosting service for authentic performance art.

What do we do? We build nomad stages, decorate community halls and transform theaters, cafes, lawns, gardens, museums, boats or trucks into magical listening spaces.

“listening spaces in many places”

Fulfilling the need: We create unique spaces for audiences to engage with the performances uninterrupted. At ‘The Rogue Stage Presents’ you can sit back and enjoy the show.

About: The concept stem from my days as an art student at the Visual Arts Department of the Arts College, Paarl (South Africa). I was completing an extension drama course at the Drama Faculty, Stellenbosch University. Our lecturer was an enthusiastic, eccentric soul, igniting the zest for theater in all of us. I was particularly interested in engineering the stage lighting, prop building and set design. Life has taken me many places over time, but it is here in NZ, since we immigrated in 2010, that the concept landed on all four feet, 20 years later.

So far: Since August 2012, we have built and facilitated over 120 different shows and stages, including and hosting:

  • Waiotapu Forest Folk Festival three times – 2014, 2015 and 2016
  • setting up a woodland folk stage at Sundaise (2015)
  • part stage design for the Coro Summer Fest (2016)
  • hosting the music and performance stage for Rotorua Children’s Day Celebrations (2015)
  • hosting concerts at the prestigious Rotorua Museum (2015, 2016)
  • curating the stage and sourcing the artists for the Bike Stage for the Rotorua Bike Festival 2016
  • appearing in Jam TV’s documentary ‘This Town’, screened on TV One, in 2015
  • Rotorua NZ Music Month (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018), a Creative Rotorua supported initiative, celebrating the work of local and national musicians.

Resume: My experience as a concert director includes hosting 4 concerts at the Jersey Arts Center, Channel Islands (UK)  in 2007, 2008 and 2009. The center is a purpose built facility for the arts. It has a 250 seat auditorium, fitted with the best sound and light facilities, a gallery for art, a cafe and lecture/workshop spaces. I presented shows with internationally acclaimed fingerstyle acoustic guitarists Nibs van der Spuy and Tony Cox, both from my childhood home, South Africa. The center has hosted many great performances, including performers such as John Renbourne (Pentangle), Rory McCleod, Andy Mackee and David Helfgott, to mention a few.

What music can you hear at The Rogue Stage shows? Genres The Rogue Stage Presents predominantly present are folk – neo to anti folk, noir and jump folk to alt country, gypsy jazz and experimental fusion pop. We also love experimental synth, spacial and ethereal  soundscapes, cinematic exuberance and spoken word.

Rogue Stage Presents

What’s Coming Up and how to buy tickets:

You can find out what is coming at http://www.theroguestage.co.nz or visit the ticket link supplied by the artist.

Or you can subscribe to the events on The Rogue Stage facebook page to be notified automatically.

You can also send me your email for the monthly Front Row newsletter – email your info to theroguestage@gmail.com or clicking on the ‘sign up’ link at The Rogue Stage facebook page .

Buying tickets online:

Online tickets are listed by the artist / band / act. Find the link provided in the blog news on The Rogue Stage home page. Common ticket agents are www.undertheradar.co.nz, www.eventbrite.co.nz or www.eventfinda.co.nz

For cash buyers:

Book your pre-sale ticket by text to 02102381057 or purchase a General Admission on the night of the concert on the door (please read note about purchasing tickets on the night below).

Ticket classification and ticket prices: 

Pre-sale tickets are advertised online and are generally cheaper than buying it on the night at the door

 General Admission tickets are for sale (cash only) at the door on the night of the concert.

Under 16’s are free of charge.

 Sold out or not? If you are unsure whether the event is sold out or not, phone or text me at 02102381057 (I m always very busy on days of setting up) and if you get no answer, use 0226441778 – Barry’s phone. The most common place to find out and have the most recent update, is my website or my facebook page.

How to Follow The Rogue Stage blog:

I blog about all the upcoming concerts and you can subscribe to my updates by clicking on ‘FOLLOW’ (top left hand corner on http://www.theroguestage.co.nz).

What other services do we provide?

Tea and Happiness NZ

A vegan/plantbased catering and lunch delivery service specializing in fermented, RAW and vegan/plantbased foods.


Artisans Alive – Barry Vincent Traditional Sign Writing

Unique, hand painted signs customized to suit your needs.


Kindest and warmest regards,

Karin and Barry Vincent, directors of

Vincent Creative Industries LTD


Booking and feedback: 

Music & live events: theroguestage@gmail.com

Food: tea.and.happiness.nz@gmail.com

Signs: bazzavincent@gmail.com

Feedback/complaints: 02102381057 or theroguestage@gmail.com

Apologies if I do not respond within the hour. I try my best to answer as soon as I can.

rogue stage_0001_web

Photo credit: Petra Zoe

Sign: Barry Vincent

Location: Vegas City Limits – courtesy of John Skudder and Natascha Hartzuiker

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