Traveling world class folk at Prince’s Gate Dinner Show 12 Nov

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This coming Saturday, Robert Vincent and Monika Vincent aka Jerseybob and Our Monika, are playing an one-off Dinner Show at Princes Gate. Bob, Barry‘s brother, is a folk musician of over 20 years – a globe trotting, touring and traveling folk muso. Occasionally he sings Dylan and Young to get the crowds interested, but ultimately his songs about being on the road would find new ears, converted new ears. Bob proudly has 14 self produced and self released EPs and albums with his name on – Bob is a prolific writer and musician. His stories are comical and entertaining, ultimately the sincerity which shines through in each song, is a celebration to life!  Monika, his wife of 3 years, joins him on stage with a steady beat on the cahon. The pair has appeared in many places worthy of songs – even the The Wall and Basement Cinema Rotorua was the venue for their home-coming tour in 2013. Listen here:

A very special guest joins them for this evening, no other than David Merritt of Landroverfarm press and the The David Merritt Poetry Experience. Reading to poem hungry enthusiasts from time to time in university auditoriums, engaging the unexpected listener is where David’s words burst through the stillness and make non-believers, believers again.
When: 12th Nov
Time: arrive from 6.45pm to be seated.
Poetry: from 8 pm, music from 8.30pm
Book directly at Prince’s Gate: 07 3481179 or


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