Yes, we are open!

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It has been a very exciting few months for The Rogue Stage.

On 23 March 2016, very excitedly and after meeting with Ally Rogers from The Arts Space, we decided to support her vision for an arts collective and moved into The Arts Space at 1150 Pukuatua St.

It was so exciting! It was the first space The Rogue Stage could call home and we lovingly set forth to decorate our little space: the smallest wee theater in Rotorua! We spent days doing it up, pasting piano scores on the walls, putting up shelves and helping the other artists in the communal areas to make it more homely at the arts space. I painted out old murals, Barry gave the ceiling a lick of paint and unloved corners got a new face lift. I even spent hours scrubbing the old bathrooms which have been out of use for years.

In total we hosted 3 shows at The Arts Space and came to the conclusion, after all three SOLD OUT within days, that the space might be too small to continue hosting shows in. Although a quirky and fun lounge to attend a show in, it can demand a large amount of dexterity to fit everybody in and being upstairs, not always suitable for everybody.

So, after a long and hard think, we went back to the drawing board and looked at how we can accommodate our lovely audience in comfort, while still in a space conducive to attentive listening. Alas! The answer came by email out of the blue – an invitation by Phil Agent, manager of the Prince’s Gate Hotel, to host The Rogue Stage Presents shows at Prince’s Gate Hotel, in their beautifully restored and decorated The Monarch function room.

It is a space I ve visited before and had my eyes on for a long time, 3 years or so. It is simply gorgeous, sophisticated and stylish, steeped in local history and next week we are hosting our very first show with locals at this lovely venue.

Thanks so much for all your support along the way with our move into The Arts Space. We really appreciate your enthusiasm and excitement. Until we can find a permanent home for The Rogue Stage, we ll be roaming again and taking you to places, new and old, along the way, just like we did in the old days.

Kindest and warmest regards,
Karin and Barry



One thought on “Yes, we are open!

    Nicky Newman said:
    August 2, 2016 at 10:12 pm

    Congratulations! Sounds great!Really looking forward to enjoying the new surroundings at the Bob Dylan Tribute night. Kind regards,Nicky ☺

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