Will Wood, reb fountain and Tom Cunliffe 18 Dec

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Folk it up continues! Installment #3 of 4 is happening out of town at a secret venue with the outrageously talented Will Wood, heavenly vocals of reb fountain and folk from another plane by Tom Cunliffe.

18 Dec at 8pm (yes this Friday!)

As previously seen at The Rogue Lounge, Wall and Basement Cinema and at a mini Rogue Stage concert on a Rotorua Skyline gondola, Will Wood returns for his annual The Rogue Stage Presents show.

I am mighty please to hear about his second album being released soon, following in the footsteps of Broken Man, a very much loved album in the Vincent household and a favourite on many car stereos (as Nick from Hopetoun Brown will tell you).

Tickets are $20 each for an adult

$12 for a student or an OAP

Email me your booking today to secure your pass for this great show at a great venue: theroguestage@gmail.com

Once booking is confirmed, you will receive a digital ticket to confirm address and other important information.

To entice you, here is a clip of Will Wood and reb fountain at 13th Floor, chatting to Mr Marty Duda.

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