Introducing Hugh McGinlay (Australia) to perform at The Rogue Stage Folk Music Festival 2015

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Hugh McGinlay is a singer songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. I first me Hugh in 2007 when he was on his first tour over from Australia in Jersey. Bob Vincent organized shows for him and being Bob’s sister-in-law, we offered Hugh to stay with us. We immediately struck up a friendship and have been friends ever since then.

Hugh is a master where lyrics are concerned and his lyrical storytelling has listeners captivated. Gentle guitar and vocals reaching deep into the abyss of songwriting, a pleasant journey with such a fine, talented man.

You can read more about him at his page and this link:

A quick summary:

– two albums ‘Elsewhere‘ 2009 and ‘Second Guess‘ 2006. Distributed by Green Distribution and available on iTunes.

– has performed with Robyn Hitchcock, the Proclaimers, Billy Bragg and Badly Drawn Boy

– his backing band in Melbourne is ‘Recessive Genes’, made up of Adam Chiodo (Laughing Sam’s Dice), Phil Cadman (Fine Motor Skills, Desperately Not Yoko) and Ryan Vermeulen (Fine Motor Skills, Desperately Not Yoko).

– he is also the author of the novel ‘Jinx’ and other such off-beat works of fiction.

Hugh is not only performing at The Rogue Stage Folk Music Festival, but also at the following fine venues:

Tuesday 24th of March – The Wine Cellar – Auckland, NZ – With Scott J Mason

Wednesday 25th March – The Dogs Bollix – Auckland, NZ

Thursday 26th March – The Darkroom – Christchurch, NZ

Friday 27th March – The Southern Cross, Wellington, NZ

Saturday 28th March  – The Rogue Folk Festival – Rotorua, NZ

Sunda7 29th March – Okere Falls General Store – Okere Falls, NZ

This will be Hugh’s second visit to NZ and I for one am very much looking forward to enjoying his songs with you.


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