Introducing Bernie Griffen and Kirsten Warner: Rogue Folk Music Fest 28th March

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Bernie Griffen 30 Dec (32)

Bernie Griffen and Kirsten Warner are joining us for The Rogue Folk Music Fest in March 2015. Earlier this year, Bernie and Kirsten played with their full band, The Thin Men, at the Thermal Park and the audience was in full awe of their songs, their stories and the journey they took us on. We listened, we joined in and then we danced. Bernie tells it as it is. Kirsten sings it as it is. Together they are a solid musical main course to delight, to take you deeper and to make you wonder, ‘where the heck have I been not to know this music?’. I invite you to listen to Salvation, Bernie’s newest release. It is an honest offering of songs. reminiscent of Johnny Cash perhaps, but keeping it true to his own inspirations: tradition, stories, tradition and more stories.

Here is a link to Bernie Griffen and The Thin Men’s bandcamp. Enjoy, my first listen enticed me to drive to Auckland to see them play and consequently inviting them to play in Rotorua and so honoured to have them on the bill at The Rogue Folk Music Festival.

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