Introducing Archer – The Rogue Folk Festival 27th and 28th March at Waiotapu

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Week by week I m going to introduce you to the artists coming to the Rogue Folk Music Festival at Waiotapu. 27 and 28 March. 27th is a local’s night with local bands and the 28th is folk artists from the wider NZ and also three artists from Australia.
This week I want to tell you more about Archer….
Archer, from Melbourne, came to visit us Nov 2013 on a whirlwind tour. I met a great guy, loves music, art n poetry and he is a lot of fun to hang out with. An old wisdom hiding behind those wild eyes. “Archer’s music is stripped back and simple, sparse. There is no adornment, so all you get is the song and his big, booming voice. His influences skip back generations to the traditional country singers. Tex Morton, Smilin’ Billy Blinkhorn, guys like that. He learned to sing up North, with the Pacific Islanders.” – courtesy Pound Records

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There are 8 Sundays until The Rogue Fest is happening. .. see next Sunday for more on Bernie Griffen and Kirsten Warner.

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