Will Wood & Dave Khan, support Tom Cunliffe and Dave Bishop

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The Rogue Stage presents Will Wood!
5th Dec – The Rogue Stage – 8pm
Collaborated with: Bernie Griffen and the Grifters, Tami Neilson, Ivy Rositter, Parents, reb fountain
New album: Broken Man 2014 (available on vinyl and CD)
Most recent tour: Europe (West and Eastern), UK – Sept 2014
Label: Lyttelton Records
Will is a gem. He can sing it softly and he can belt it out. He proclaims to be a singer of songs and so far what I have seen is a man that gives a lot of music back. Originals and a cover here and there in his ‘country’ style. He had the french raving for more in Lyon not so long ago and an underground pub in Switzerland singing to a Rolling Stones’ song via Townes van Zandt. Not to mention the Underground ‘live on set’ recording late at night.
Dave Khan is no stranger to us in Rotorua. He played here with the Grand Ole Hayride, The Bads and Wheel of Experience in 2013. He has collaborated with so many, I do not know where to start, to name a few – Don McGlashan, Tami Neilson, Peter Daube, Bernie Griffen and the Grifters, Dave Ward, The Broadsides .. and the list can go on for a mile. I love Dave’s way of playing, sentimental, showing a real gentle side.
Tom Cunliffe, apart from strutting an enormous beard, he is a great songwriter. An honest approach which is tell tale of the performers that play at The Rogue Stage.
Dave Bishop, aka Davey Beige. Our local hero. He used to run an oyster farm with Marc Spijkerbosch until he decided that music was his calling. He teaches music in Tauranga and we recently bumped into each other. On short notice he has decided to play for us. Dave’s new album ‘Hard Work’ has been reviewed by NZ Musician and earned 4 stars! Superb songwriting, bluesy with a splash of salt water.
Four acts for $15. And its authentic homegrown.
The Rogue Stage is a movement for people who enjoy listening to real live music. No pretense, in backyards and in lounges.
13 hard copy tickets are on sale at Musicworks and you are the first to know. 10 are at Eventbrite (follow the links from my blog or from this email) and 10 are at undertheradar.com. (was 16 hard copy tickets .. some ticket are on their way to their new owners tomorrow!) The rest are all door sales only – $20
BYO food and drink

Photos by Petra Zoe

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The Rogue Stage was incredibly lucky to have had the most amazing photographer at The Hard Core Troubadours’ show on the 21st November. Petra Zoe, a local Rotorua resident, has been taking photos for a long time. Her passion is taking photos of musicians and she captures these live music moments so well.

She has an eagle eye for detail and excellent at choosing the right moments to snap the perfect picture. She never intrudes and quietly goes about her task, enjoying the show just as much as all the other guests. I love her ‘framing’ and at such low light, the pictures all look amazing.

Here is one of them,

The Hard Core Troubadours

I will add a link to her website as soon as I get the go ahead.

Hard Core Troubadours – last minute checks

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Weather: Its dry for tonight, but windy. Its dropping to 11 degrees tonight. Put on an extra layer, or get up and dance! rotorua weather today

For the address, please text me 02102381057 if you get lost, do not know where to go or can’t find it. It will be sign posted, and you ll see the sign as featured at the bottom of the page. It is exactly 20 km from Rotorua CBD.

There will be tickets to buy on the door/gate. $20 each. Some tickets are still available at Musicworks in Pukuatua St. You are most welcome to drop in and ask for either John or Sandy for tickets.

Tonight is BYO – I will have wine glasses for you tonight – kindly sponsored by Vegas City Limits.

And tonight Janek “Buck” Croydon (previously recorded with Donna Dean) will be joining the line-up. 5 great musicians, in a great luscious private setting with great people!

The Rogue Stage, working hard to bring the music closer. See you tonight!


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The Rogue Stage on TV Rotorua News!

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I ve had a roll since last week with publicity and media cover for The Rogue Stage. First it was front page of the weekend paper, Rotorua Weekender, credit to Mike Watson and Stephen Parker for such a great article. Mike captured the essence of what it is we do here perfectly and by “we” I do mean all of us, including you, the audience. Music is more powerful when you listen and enjoy it and the audience’s generous listening ears are crucial to the life of The Rogue Stage.

Today it was TV Rotorua, Wayne Douglas and Graeme who came to our house. We did an informal interview about what The Rogue Stage is and what is planned for the summer ahead, on the (Tihi Tea Stop) deck. Wayne Douglas made it so easy and I felt so at ease (I was a wreck last night, realizing that I ll be on your tv screens in your living rooms!). Camera man Graeme took great shots of the bamboo stage, strategically missing the compost bins behind the stage. We had such a great time and so much respect for Wayne, who is testimony to keeping his passion alive for so many years, sharing Rotorua stories with locals via broadcasting.

I ve been working on The Rogue Stage for so long, spending hours day and night, designing posters, organizing concerts and researching new sounds and reviews. To get recognition for my efforts is such a compliment and it means more people in Rotorua will get the chance to come along and enjoy great NZ music with us.

I am almost done with the A1 size poster and please do go in to Musicworks Rotorua to pick up a leaflet to take back with you. John has kindly printed off hundreds and Sandy is a superstar selling concert tickets. All tickets for all shows will be in store in the very near future. (Only a certain amount of pre-sales will be released for you to buy over the counter, the rest will be online or door sales.)

Thank you all for making music, clapping and coming along to the shows, buying local CDs and playing it to your friends. The Rogue Stage is about what is happening now, being present and appreciating art.

Kind regards,


The Hard Core Troubadours’ gig almost here!

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The Hard Core Troubadours (Rob Joass, Kim Bonnington, Dusty Burnell and Hamish Graham) are playing at Vegas City Limits this coming Friday – 21 November 2014, 8 pm.

There are 20 tickets at Musicworks and some at Eventfinder. Those of you that are familiar with John s Garden Stage, will know what an awesome live music venue it is.
John, Natascha, Angela Frank and Brian Opotiki – Dec 2013 – on THE garden stage, built by John.
Its a magical live music venue, a natural amphitheater, surrounded by native bush, and beautiful views from the large deck hugging the front of the house. There is enough room for 100 people to sit and enjoy live music comfortably. John and Natascha are generously supporting the Rogue Stage by opening their private home for this ocassion. It’s BYO and car pooling is strongly adviseable. There is parking available near the house and the gate will be sign posted (thank you Barry Vincent!)
Rob Joass is a familiar face among the folk legends in Wellington, appearing solo, with Hobnail and The Shot Band now as Hard Core Troubadours. Folk Rock, with a voice resembling that of Mike Scott from The Waterboys. You could be singing along to ‘A Girl Called Johnny’ this Friday underneath the stars! Come join The Rogue Stage family and enjoy a great night out!
Here is a Soundcloud link to their songs & music. For each ticket there is an opportunity to buy Robert Joass’ solo CD for $10 (normally $20).
You can also book your ticket with me by return email (theroguestage@gmail.com). I am happy to save you your tickets to pay for on the night (if you don’t pitch, I ll be a bit cross). I will send you more information on how to get there, including a map.

Support acts confirmed!

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Davey Beige

Davey Beige (Tauranga) is supporting Will Wood & Dave Khan on the 5th Dec! Dave Khan and Dave Bishop go way back and its so great to create the opportunity for them to play together again. Click on the photo to open a new link to ‘Hard Work’ – Dave’s new album.